BuLk Sale Transactions

Ticor Title provides comprehensive transaction solutions for buyers and sellers. With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we offer our clients the assurance of smooth title transactions. Ticor Title values each transaction by efficiently and accurately managing all the details of each transaction we process.

Ticor's unique brand identity is sustained by its well-trained staff and customer-focused responsiveness. We continue to build our competitive edge as a leader in the title insurance industry.

Security of our customers  is always our main priority at Ticor Title, which is why we have an A+ rating in claims rating, and that means peace of mind to our customers.

Ticor Title Company of California

Darleen C. Sweet | Commercial Escrow Officer

714-289-3344 . dsweet@ticortitle.com

Arwen Estelle | Commercial Escrow Officer

714-289-3347 . aestelle@ticortitle.com

Bulk Sale Escrow process

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