Atlas Hospitality Group

We’ve engaged Ticor in the past, but not extensively as our allegiance was tied to years of business relationships. It was comforting to learn that David Noble, Nick Doshi and the title team had moved to Ticor. Even more encouraging was to learn that Darleen and Lucinda were also recruited into your escrow division. With this team, I know that our hospitality real estate transaction needs will be in great hands.

On the transaction of the Mendocino hotels, I would also take this opportunity to thank Ticor for making the escrow process a breeze. Furthermore, I also want to extend the appreciation on the last minute title works that made the transaction possible. As you may have learned, Brand X was originally facilitating the transaction per Seller’s request, but had failed to respond on repeated requests. Darleen was able to quickly align with David and made the deal happen. With the cares that the title and escrow teams illustrated, we know where to go to in our future transaction opportunities.

Indeed, caring is your competitive edge! Thank you and your team again for all the professional works demonstrated.