The Analyst

A powerful suite of real estate analysis tools

The Analyst is a revolutionary app with a combination of financial calculators, investment analysis and tools designed for all commercial real estate practitioners. The Analyst contains a Patent Pending PDF report generator to create investment and analysis reports that can be emailed, printed and saved to your computer's Dropbox account, all from your mobile device.

*Branded version is available for $7.99 per month.

App Features Include:

  •  Loan Amount Analysis Report
  • Investment Analysis Report (5 Year with Financial Indicators)
  • Lease vs. Own Analysis Report
  • Property Measuring Tool
  • Area Measuring Tool (Square Feet and Square Meters)
  • Time Value of Money Calculator
  •  IRR/NPV Calculator
  •  Rules of Thumb to Calculate: CAP Rate, Cash –on –Cash, & GRM
  •  Mortgage Calculator
  • Mortgage Amortization Summary or Schedule Report

Investment Analysis and Investment Analysis PDF

Generate a report with key investments and performance measures of CAP Rate, GRM, DSCR, Cash-on-Cash, and IRR, 5-year investment sale projection and charts. Your one (1) page report can be emailed, printed, or uploaded to Dropbox or Box accounts.

Lease vs. Own Analysis Report

Compare options of leasing versus owning and provide the contrasting results to your clients with a three (3) page PDF.

Property Measuring Tool

Get the measurements of an area or distance of a property without using a measuring tape.


iPad Version Included with iPhone Download

With your iPhone download, you can use The Analyst on your iPad and have access to all of the same tools available on the iPhone version.


Review Reports

You can review full sized reports and discuss them alongside your clients on the iPad’s large screen.